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Altrum goes far beyond a business.

We generate impact through surgical solutions.

We bring normal life to people who have suffered trauma, oncological problems or strokes and have lost part of their skull.

Today, a patient who loses part of the cranial vault waits months, years or never undergoes cranial reconstruction surgery given the high cost of the material, which can reach up to R$ 200,000.

social paciente exemplo.png

This is the approximate number of people waiting for an implant in just one large trauma hospital in the city of São Paulo.

Imagine for the rest of a country like Brazil, with a high rate of violence and traffic accidents.



This is the reality we are changing.

Through the Altrum Mould for Cranioplasty, we enable a cranial reconstruction technique that reduces costs by dozens of times with high safety and excellent clinical outcome.

We help to recover aesthetics, confidence, self-esteem and improve the cognitive functions of thousands of patients.

100 molds for cranioplasty as a donation to SUS until December 2025.

This is our goal and commitment to make scenes like the one on the side happen.

If you need help from Altrum or think you can help us achieve this goal, please get in touch.

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